booking and charges

Booking and Charges

Booking and Charges

Now that you have made up your mind to get escort services in Bangalore, you must be wondering abount booking and charges details.In this section we provide you all that relevant information.We offer affordable escort service in bangalore for all, everyone can avail our escort service. We have broadly classified our escort service according to the number of shots and duration of service. In case you want to avail extra quality time with escort it can also be provided. The cost articles of love are not included in this table

Escort service category

Charges in Rupees

Full day or night unlimited shots


Two hours with three shots


One hour with two shots


Half Hour with single shot



The article of love may include handcuffs, Blind fold, Bouquet of roses, Cards, fashion magazines, Champaign, Rose petals on bed, love Fragrance in room, Smoked dishes at your place, Party fillers , Dim light facility in your room, Music system in room  etc.

Any additional thing like drinks and beverages asked can be arranged on your request with additional cost.

Please remember the cost in table of excluded of any additional services offered on your request. Bargaining on this table is waste of time.

In case you want to talk to our escort girls directly click here to check their contact details for escorts in bangalore.